Monday, March 13, 2006

Jacko Tries to Move On, But Neverland Employees Just Won't Leave Him Alone

Nothing seems to get Jacko down; not the police who hound him constantly over alleged child molestation charges, not the stalker “Billie Jean Jackson” who claimed to be Jacko’s wife from her padded cell, not his gut-wrenchingly sad divorce from Lisa Marie Presley – a marriage we were all rooting for – not even his nose that can’t seem to stay attached to his face. Poor Michael Jackson has been afflicted with so much pain and suffering in his life that it’s a wonder he’s still so together about it all.

The ever optimistic Michael Jackson seems undaunted by recent events at home in Neverland, and threats of a possible lawsuit filed by the State of California. While Jacko tries to get on with his life, shuttling in and out of Manama, Bahrain, courtesy of Prince Abdullah, Neverland employees are trying to extort him, (via lawsuit,) out of $500,000 of back pay and fines they say he owes them. They are accusing Michael Jackson of not paying them for three months of work and blaming him for being dropped from their health insurance. Dean Fryer, state Department of Industrial Relations spokesman told the Associated Press: "People are telling me they haven't been paid from Dec. 19." At that time, Jackson was four weeks behind with the payroll and there was a fear that the staff would not be able to celebrate the holidays that follow December 23rd – whatever those holidays may be. In the meantime, Jackson had the Prince fly in about a dozen friends on his dime, and gave them each lots of expensive and simply fabulous presents that would make the Oscar gift bags look like a child’s Halloween booty!

Jacko was out when a news source reported that, "Michael is here and he's happy. He doesn't want to get into bad things going on at home. That part of his life is over." Good for you Mikey! We hope he can finally find a nice girl and settle down, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Links! Yay!!! Now your blog is better than ever.

But have you thought that you may want to change the subject of who you profile? I mean, isn't it rather racist of you to point out Michael Jackson's ALLEGED child molestation, ALLEGED Billie Jean Jackson problems, ALLEGED divorce from Lisa Marie Presley, and ALLEGED pay problems with his staff. After all, none of these events have been PROVEN in a COURT OF LAW, have they? I didn't think so. And as far as that dreadful photograph of Michael that you chose to post, well, anybody can have a bad hair day.

Really, don't you think there could be some underlying RACISM on your part the way you choose to post such unsubstantiated allegations? Isn't it true that you are posting these allegations simply because he is black? I mean, no body would be obsessing about all of the above trivialities if let's say a white man like George Cloony, or George Bush was accused of them.

Really, if George Bush was accused of the above things, I don’t think anyone in the country would care. But then again, George Bush is a member of the white race. So everybody overlooks all of his peccadilloes.

11:07 AM  
Blogger RR said...

Poor MJ. I know - I probably am a racist since I'm white that's just how I've been culturally conditioned, so sorry to offend. But, I would say that he was having more of a "bad nose" day. Don't we all have those?

*sigh* Poor Michael. Why can't "the man" just leave him alone?

3:33 PM  

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