Friday, August 04, 2006

Mel Gibson Proves All Christians Hate Women

“Christians” - the ones that attend “church” every Sunday before they go home to their fireside meals of roasted puppy and discuss whose rights they’re going to take away next – are all hatemongering misogynist Nazi’s as it turns out. Proving that every single Christian is an intolerant, hatemongering, spiteful piece o’ dirt, Christian leader and spokesperson, Mel Gibson, went off on a female police officer after he was pulled over for drunk driving last Friday. “What are you looking at, sugartits?", Mel asked the woman cop while being booked at a police station.

You would think that after centuries of oppression against women, of women not being able to join the same country clubs as men, not being offered the same educational opportunities, not having the right to vote in our so-called democratic society until the early 20th century, where raping and beating were accepted forms of punishment against women by husbands who didn’t like the way their meals were cooked, who are lit on fire, subject to genital mutilation, and stoned to death if there’s even a rumor of infidelity in countries like India, Egypt and Nigeria, we would have earned the right not to be called “sugartits”. But what do you expect? Mr. Gibson made the utterly offensive “The Passion of the Christ”, a movie about some Jewish guy who gets nailed to a cross after being repeatedly beaten and tortured by Roman foot soldiers. Gibson claimed that this movie was based on the gospels in the New Testament of the Bible, but that claim has since been refuted by such noted bible experts as Carl Bernstein and Jon Voight, and generally the movie has been dismissed as nothing more than sadomasochistic pornography – only worse – because it promotes the religion of hate: Christianity.

Some in the movie industry – like celebrity wannabe, (and I totally mean that in a good way,) Arianna Huffington and comedian Al Franken have suggested that Mel be blacklisted permanently from ever working in Hollywood again, much in the same way Communist sympathizers were blacklisted in the U.S. in the 1950’s. And comedian Rob Schneider, (“Animal”, “Deuce Bigalow”) stated that even if begged, he will not appear in “The Passion of the Christ 2”, a move applauded by Ms. Huffington and her very intelligent devotees.

Mel Gibson is done and should never be forgiven EVER even if he begs on hands and knees. So what if he was drunk. If he had drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl like Roman Polanski, he could be forgiven - perhaps even given an Academy Award with a standing ovation, but what he did was way worse. We all know that drugging and raping a child does not warrant blacklisting, but making idiotic comments while drunk is not only unforgivable, but should warrant the worst punishment allowed by law.


Anonymous Moonchild said...

The only thing missing from this post was an 'Amen'. Nice work double-r. It's about time someone took a hard look at Christianity and exposed it as the hate-filled group of haters that it is. The Xian-controlled media and banks have escaped criticism for too long because politicians fear the powerful lobbyists from the Vatican. They and their dirty, pork-eating Xian money make me sick.

8:43 AM  
Blogger RR said...

Well we all know their agenda is to force women to dress in gingam dresses with lace and bonnets, keep them pregnant all the time and to line every road and highway with their preachy little crosses. Do you have any idea how many poor unsuspecting dolts have been "converted" by those preachy little crosses?

6:26 AM  

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