Friday, September 08, 2006

After Threats from Clintons, Schumer, Reid - ABC Censors Miniseries

In yet another "take that!" style victory by the Clintons, (see Vince Foster,) ABC has capitulated to threats made by Democratic leaders to either cancel their ABC Docudrama, "The Path to 9/11" or have their broadcasting license revoked. Dems urged ABC to re-write the docudrama to portray George W. Bush as the only person responsible for all of the 5 Al Qaeda attacks under the Clinton administration or they would not only cry to their mommies, but they would take legislative action against the network - that is if they could manage to agree on some kind of legislation and get something - anything - passed. “Hey, make no mistake about how we feel about free speech.” said Senator Reid. “We are all for it. But when you say negative things about former President Clinton, well that’s tantamount to hate speech, which is a hate crime, which is against the law, which is why we would seek to revoke Disney’s license.” Nancy Pelosi had this to say, “What about all of the money Haliburton has made off of the war in Iraq and Scooter Libby, Karl Rove no WMD’s? What about that? No WMD’s, Haliburton, hurricane Katrina? Am I right?” When asked, “What facts do you think were misrepresented in the ABC docudrama?” Ms. Pelosi replied, “Why are we spending billions of dollars on a war on terror? We’re going to hold this administration accountable for its failed policies. We need a new direction in Iraq. Haliburton, how ‘bout those WMDs and Haliburton. Oh and hurricane Katrina, too. THAT’s our policy and it’s very clear.” Barbra Streisand simply said, “I know I kicked up a fuss about the network caving in to the right wing opposing my husband’s made for TV movie on Reagan, but I completely support this particular censorship. It’s like Fox News did it or something and we all know that Fox News presents a different viewpoint and should be banned. It should be declared a hate crime and Disney’s license should be revoked.”
Harry Reid summed it up best this way, "This is the real issue facing Democrats this mid-term election. Whether or not this docudrama will contain all unembellished facts approved by the Democratic party or not."


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