Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bush Kills Beloved Animal Planet Star, Steve Irwin

Let me ask you this… how rare is a sting ray attack? Okay, how rare is a sting ray death? There have been only two reported cases of fatal sting ray attacks in Australia since 1945 and world-wide they are extremely rare. Okay now one more, how rare is a sting ray death on someone who is an EXPERT in handling dangerous animals safely? Steve Irwin (aka “The Crocodile Hunter”) was the latest victim of “President” Bush’s failure to sign Kyoto. Why? Because as a conservationist he cared about animals and the earth. Bush only cares about oil. In fact a friend of mine who once worked on a television show with him told me that when the cameras stopped running he was talking to everyone about how delicious puppy dogs taste. He, Laura and the twins especially like the taste of roasted Scottish Terriers – like Miss. Beazley and Barney. Do you think that the dog they parade around the White House Lawn is the same Miss. Beazley that they’ve had since the beginning? Look at recent pictures of Miss Beazley compared to when they first got her; this is a completely different dog! See how much larger the “new” Miss Beazley is compared to the original Miss Beazley? If you look at this picture, you can see that Miss Beazley is almost the same size as Barney! Shrubya didn’t even try to make her look small like in the first picture.

But I digress. It is common knowledge that there is global warming and it is causing all kinds of disruptions in the ocean’s ecosystem. We have noted climatologist and celebrity hero, Barbra Streisand saying so from the comforts of her eco-friendly mansion. We also know that stingrays do not attack people. We know that in the last 6.8 years starting from January 2001 until the present that the earth has warmed 20 degrees. Just as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said, the oceans are moments from boiling unless Bush signs Kyoto now. And until he and his oil-loving cronies do something for the environment, we will see more and more tragic deaths of the animal-loving stars of Animal Planet, (take heed Jeff Corwin!)
All I have to say is, he had a wife and 2 children! Have you no shame, Mr. Bush?


Anonymous Moonchild said...

Another good post, RR.

I've always been a fan of banana cream pie myself, especially if the crust is made just right. Too bad bananas will all be dead soon, just like Jeff Corwin, because of Bush's environmental non-policies. I bet they get killed by the packs of hyper-aggressive stingrays who were driven into a frenzy because of the oppressive heat of the world's oceans. I know I get cranky when I'm hot. I'm sure stingrays don't like it either. I'm thankful sometimes that I don't have poisonous barbs and a long tail. Someone could get hurt, and it'd be my fault. It'd be kind of like all the animals and people Bush has killed, except if I had a tail with poisoned barbs my kills would be accidents or because I was really hot and got mad. Bush's kills are intentional, like when he kills us all because he won't sign Kyoto which turns peaceful sea creatures into angry predators with poisoned barbs for tails. It's like those science fiction movies in the 50's. I still watch them sometimes, like the one with the spiders that got radiation and turned huge.

6:38 AM  
Blogger RR said...

I can completely see your point and could not agree more. I have already sent a letter to Mr. Corwin warning him about Mr. Bush. I said, "As long as you love animals, Mr. Bush will try to kill you. And hide your dogs."
Oh yes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

2:07 PM  

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