Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Movie Exposes Dubya & Nixon Killed John Lennon

Dubya killed John Lennon - no doubt. And now there's a movie that links the murder of John Lennon to George W. Bush and his really good friend and co-hort, Richard Milhouse Nixon. But we don't need a movie to inform us of that. We all know that both men love death. They love it more than they love roasted puppies on the spit, the dead of Winter and the smell of Napalm in the morning. They love it more than the Cloonster loves his ruby-bejeweled merkin that Marc Jacobs designed especially for him. How do we know? Because Nixon started the Viet Nam war - then escalated it - imposed a draft where there previously was none and gleefully sent young men and women to die while he rubbed his hands together. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen - don't let your government sponsored propagandist history books fool you: a Republican started Viet Nam - not Kennedy and a Republican escalated it - not Johnson. It was up to Jimmah Carter to end the war and save the "Me" generation from being entirely wiped out. But besides their penchant for death there are other links between Dubya and Tricky-Dick and the death of John Lennon:
A) Bush and Nixon were very tight - like uncle and nephew - when Bush Sr. was head of the CIA. AND they were working together on a plan to deport all British born drug-addict/rock stars - you know - because rock stars are so important and influential and really smart and educated people follow whatever rock stars or actors, (like Rosie O'Donnell) think.
B) Mark David Chapman was from Fort Worth Texas which - granted is about 300 miles from Midland but given the vastness of Texas that's relatively really close
C) Dubya had a little known illegitimate uncle who was the product of a liaison his grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush had with a woman who lived in Fort Worth. Her name? Diane Chapman.
D) The Down Syndrome memo, written in the Spring of 1981 states clearly that Mark David Chapman received no less than 6,000 shares in Bush Oil Co and 450 shares of the Texas Rangers baseball team. It reads, "Hey Georgie boy. When are you and that lady of yours going to have little Bushies? Don't you think it's about time you did? Have we communicated since that Chapman guy killed John Lennon?" PROVING that George W. Bush knew about the murder and who the murderer was. Thus concluding that they planned the whole thing, hired Mark David Chapman and rewarded him for it.
E) It is a well known fact that Dubya preferred the Rolling Stones - who did "Sympathy for the Devil" and was responsible for the killing of some hippy guy at Altamont - to the fresh-faced innocent-seeming Beatles, AND when Sgt. Papsmear and his Lonely Fartsounds Band came out, Bush preferred "Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys and commented, "This is way better than that pretentious overrated shit the Beatles are farting out of their armpits these days. Shit. The Kinks already did a concept album called 'Arthur' and it actually had some relevance to what's going on in England. This is just egomaniacal third grade cacophony." (his vocabulary was much better before the cocaine.)
F) According to very reliable sources of Bush biographer Kitty Kelly, when "Double Fantasy" came out - right before Lennon's murder - Dubya said, "I knew that Lennon was washed up - this proves it. This crap makes A Taste of Honey's 'Boogie Oogie Oogie' sound like Handel's Messiah. People have been killed for less than putting this shit out on the airwaves," which is a bona-fide threat to most liberals.
And saying anything bad about John Lennon's music - even the unlistenable "Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him" - is tantamount to blasphemy. Lennon is our Jesus. Even though Lennon begged, pleaded, pulled every string imaginable and used his celebrity and millions of dollars to stay in the US, Nixon paid him back by bugging his chic Manhattan Upper West side Dakota co-op, spying on him, making him and his wife pay taxes and pestering him for autographs. Shame on you Dubya for crucifying our Jesus.


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