Friday, October 06, 2006

Ms. Magazine to Women – “Stand up and Be Proud of Your Reckless Sexual Behavior!"

Ms. Magazine asked famous - and non-famous - women all over the country to "come out and be proud" of their sexual recklessness and say, "Yeah! I had an abortion and I would do it again! No regrets!" The famous signatories include Ms. founder Gloria Steinem, comedian Carol Leifer, and actresses Kathy Najimy and Amy Brennemmenneman (?), - practically household names. When pressed, star of the once popular TV show, "Judging Amy" (? wasn't Tyne Daly in that show? anyway...) Amy Brennemmmenaman said, "It's really really important, that like, women and girls get to have abortions. Why should we have to make men wear condoms? It's about freedom. The freedom to bareback with anyone at anytime in any country on any continent, get pregnant over and over again, get any STD I want and it's none of the government's business - even if I spread it, and my legs, to the entire country." Star of "Sister Act II", Kathy Najimy, said, "As far as sex goes, I gotta take it where I can get it and if that means that the only way I can get it is by lowering my standards and not making the guy wear a condom, then he's the master: I don't question him." When asked, "What about you using birth control? There are about 143 different methods on the market now unlike in 1972." Ms. Najimy replied, "That requires going to the doctor, getting information, learning about that stuff, blah blah blah - do you think I got this junk in my trunk by being anything other than a lazy fat pig? Huh. Think again!" Carol Leifer just said, "Hey, I am what you call butt-ugly. All of the women in my family are. I look like this even with a great stylist. Just look at me for a second and ask yourself what kind of offspring I would have. I did. Hence my decision to abort."
Ms. Magazine is right: why should women take precautions? It's our bodies and the government and laws shouldn't dictate what we do with them. If we want to smoke or shoot heroin while we're pregnant - well, my body my choice. And to heck with anyone who tries to stop me, right Gloria?


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