Friday, April 14, 2006

President Mackenzie Allen Returns for a Second Term!

The show people call, "Softcore for Democrats" (due to its high ultimate-fantasy-come-true factor,) is back! ABC's "Commander in Chief" - the show about the first woman president of the United States - had been on a long hiatus due to fear by executives that if they put it up against Fox's "American Idol" it would fall so low in the ratings that media researchers would need a microscope to read them. But due to the show's phenomenal
and ABC's commitment to agenda driven programming this awesome series is back and better than ever! This season the producers promise to make the Republicans more evil and backbiting than ever, the first man more emasculated, (just the way we like 'em, eh girls? Gutless n' Sexy!) And our heroine will keep fighting the good fight - fending off evil Christians who dare to have Christmas trees where people can see them and jailing those who protest against abortion in public. Rumor has it that this season President Allen will use the FCC to clamp down on people who present viewpoints that are not "cool" with the awesome Hollywood progressives! You can bet your bippy I'll be watching!


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