Thursday, October 12, 2006

Babs - A Klass Akt

Helloe everywon. Barbra here. How R U? I just wunted to cleer sum things up about wot hapned at that Madison Skware Garden shoe last weekend. First of all, we all no that george W. Bushe is an idiet. Right? Am I right forlks? U need prooof? Well just lissen to him talk. He talks like an idiet. Thats enuff proof. U, yoreself wuld have to be an idiet to think that man is smart. I meen pleeeez. Peeple say that becuz I didn't finish hi skool and I hav speling problems and he has a Harvard MBA and he wuz a fiter pilote and he wint to Yale and so on and so forthe that makes him smarter thin me - but lissen to him talk, I'm telling U. I meen, the way a persson talks is the total mesure of their brane, isn't it? Oh, rite, he talks that way so that peepel in the south will think heez won of them - baloney! My very good frend, Bill Clinton didn't do that. Bill CLinton sounded like a hick becuz he was the reel deel.

So anyhow- in between "Guilty" and "Evergreen" I put together this little skit with a guy dressd like Mr. Bushe. It was fun. We shoed wot an idiet he is. Sum peepel thot that it wasn't the time or place for taht sort of thing. I gess they just thot that I wuld sing and nuthing eldse. Gess they nevver reed my "Trooth Alurts" do they? Ok so the costoomed guy and me were x-changeing zingers and sum NEO-con wuz heck... hekk... helkel... giving me a hard time so I told him to shut the fu*k up. Such a deel! If you like Bushe then dont cum to my shoe or as I say in won of my favrit songs that I sing - dont rain on MY parade.


Anonymous Moonchild said...

Ms. Streisand, you are a model of poise and eloquence. I can only marvel at the strength of character required to stick by your grammar and principles when under fire by all your handlers, lackeys, lawyers, agents, yes-persyns, hangers-on, fair-weather friends, skin-care consultants, spell-checkers, fashion designers, lawn care professionals, maids and fawning media who pressure you to spout neo-con lies. Stay strong. Those of us who either want to score free tickets or want to continue receiving your generous paychecks will support you forever.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deah moomchild, thank yoo for yer kynd werds. Just in case U ever do get bak stage passsses to my consert, remimber - it's in my ryder that you do not ever look me in the eye. If I speek to U, U do not reply. Sometimes I have to remind my servants of that fakt. They mistakkenly sppeeek direcktly to me whin they no it's a no-no.

11:34 AM  

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