Thursday, October 26, 2006

Michael J. Fox Pleads: "I need embroyos so I can make 'Back to the Future 4'"!

The brave Michael J. Fox started his day with a mission. He decidedly did not take his medication so when he was being taped for his latest commercial he could show the American public the unabashed ravages of Parkinsons disease. Michael J. Fox may be a big star - but he's also a victim. A victim of Republican policy to deny him his right to be cured by embroyonic stem cell research. That's why he's doing a series of commercials for various Democratic candidates across the nation. True, there is all kinds of stem cell research happening and many good treatments that have resulted, but we are also aware of the assured cure that specifically embroyonic stem cells can bring. Christopher Reeve would be alive today had the Republicans just allowed babies to be sacrificed at the alter of the mighty "superman". Republicans flat out refuse to give up their unborn, or even support using taxes to fund others to give up their unborn human beings to research or cloning. Imagine: we could clone another superman, or Michael J. Fox if only the Republicans did the right thing and ignored the ridiculous resemblance between embroyos and human beings. We could clone the entire cast of "Family Ties" and have a brand new season with fresh 21-st century ideas. We would all be excited for the next in the "Back to the Future" series. Perhaps it would have a plot where Marty McFly goes back in time collecting aborted fetuses for Dr. Emmett Brown so he could then start working on a cure before the Republicans ruined it all and started outlawing involuntary pre-human experimentation.

If that isn't despicable enough, Rush Limbaugh - the devil himself - dared imply that MJF did not take his medication as a deliberate form of self-exploitation for political purposes. Okay, so Rush was correct, but that's still a mean thing to do, given that MJF is a victim and Rush did not have proof that Mr. Fox did this. He simply reached this conclusion by basing it on statements Mr. Fox made in prior interviews and his book.

Well, it didn't deter Michael J. Fox from his mission: unseating Republicans so that he could eventually have his dream; a Parkinson's-free comeback all thanks to the blood, sweat and tissue of those little embroyonic heroes.


Anonymous Moonchild said...

Mr. Fox is right; disease should not be a political issue. As soon as the reich-wing repugs are driven from our midst, it will cease to be, and non-political people who are running against said reich-wing repugs can usher in a glorious era of disease-free and liberty-filled lives.

12:08 PM  
Blogger RR said...

So true. Here here. And we all know that the Repugs don't like embroyonic stem cel research because they don't want cures for any diseases at all: none. They're so mean like that. Hate-filled.

12:17 PM  

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