Monday, October 30, 2006

Rosie O'Donnel Doesn't Mind Being Token Hermapradite on ABC's "The View"

When asked if Rosie O'Donnel minded being Barbwa Walters token Hermaphradite on ABC's, "The View" the 343lb star simply said, "No." and added, "They already have a cute, well-informed girl; Elizabeth. Mmmmm and she smells mighty good - it's her hair, mostly. I love clutching her hand when I have the opportunity, and the fire in her eyes when she presents facts or defends human life. She's firey AND feminine - just my type. Except that I'm married, of course, to a lovely woman. But it's nice... being near Elizabeth. Smelling her. So, no, I love having a penis and I don't mind that Barbara exploits that."
We sure don't mind either, Rosie!


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