Thursday, November 16, 2006

Roseanne: Hears Voices and Hates Bush!

Roseanne: she's big, she's funny and she hates Bush like the rest of us! Barr, a high school dropout, was born with the type of natural political instinct and analysis that's bestowed on gifted people like George Clooney and Barbra Streisand. While she admits that she, like Babs, has a tough time spelling words like "government", her analysis is right on - like when she writes on her blog that, "Bush is going to declare war on China next, I swear." What an astute observation! Bush has been trying to "convince" us that he's working on positive relations with China by extending permanent normal trading relations with them, allowing China's accession to the World Trade Organization and wants to include China in multi-lateral talks with North Korea, but we all know secretly he's waiting for the perfect time to declare war behind our collective backs. Who cares if it doesn't make any sense geopolitically - or it completely conradicts every step he's taken with China so far - that's our Bush, right? He's our unpredictable idiot/savant who declares war on any country he chooses willy-nilly, while all the while mispronouncing "nuclear".

She talked about all of that and more with Larry King last Tuesday. When Larry asked her about her Chinese prediction:

KING: On your blog you write, "Bush is going to declare war on China next, I swear."

BARR: I was so scared because I woke up and there was the Drudge, you know. I always read the Drudge Report and it said on there that the Chinese were like, you know, spying on our subs or doing something with our subs and I was like, "Oh no, he's going to think that's an act of war and then we're going to go over there next." I mean we're everywhere. We're everywhere.

And she's STILL got it in the funny department:

BARR: I want to talk about my last joke where I'm going, "I hate the president. I hate the president! I hate Bush! I hate George Bush! I hate George Bush! I hate the president! I hate the president!"

HILARIOUS! It takes a comedic genius like Roseanne to come up with a joke like that. She claims that her writers only took a month to write it! Wow! That's talent!

Perhaps her astute political obervations can be attributed to her communication with otherworldly beings. Yes, Roseanne hears voices:

BARR: I hear like, voices and stuff. No they don't have names or if they do I can't pronounce the names because like they're from other planets and stuff and like can't speak no names like we do.

INTERVIEWER: Well, if they can't speak their names to you - how do they communicate anything else to you? Do you understand what I'm asking? If they don't speak English, per se, then how do you understand them?

BARR: It ain't like that. It's like I sense the energy and stuff and know what they're sayin'. It ain't like regular communication or nothin'.

What a brain! What a talent! And we can boast that she is yet another celebrity hero on OUR SIDE! Thanks Roseanne!


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