Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Sad Ironic Twist: Who's the Shrub Now?

Beloved columnist Molly Ivins finally kicked the bucket yesterday after her long battle with breast cancer. Ms. Ivins made a name for herself on the heels of President Bush. Nearly every article she wrote was about him, criticizing his politics and attacking him personally.

In her second to last column she wrote, "The president of the United States does not have the sense God gave a duck." She wrote the bestseller "Shrub: The Short but Happy Life I've Enjoyed As A Result of Constantly Complaining About George W. Bush" and "Bushwhacked: Life As An Elitist, Overindulged So-called 'Journalist' in George W. Bush's America." She was working on a final book, "Thanks to George W. Bush I'm Rich and Otherwise Might Not Be Able To Afford All of These Doctors Bills." when she succumbed to the cancer she did nothing to prevent. Oh what irony that Ms. Ivins became "bushwhacked" by the cruelty of breast cancer. And Ms. Ivins being all but a dead lump, (no pun intended,) one begs the question, "Ms. Ivins, who is the shrub now?"

Her Twainian wit and obsessive rants about President Bush will be missed.


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